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Washing Machine Repairs


 When your washing machine breaks down, your first call should be to Repair Force.

Our primary aim is to get your washing machine fixed on the first visit and while our engineers carry the most common spare parts for the majority of makes and models of washing machines, there are issues and faults that may require an additional visit to carry out suitable repairs.

If we need specialist parts, we order them that day and as soon as they arrive, we will call you to arrange a suitable time to visit you and make the repairs to your washing machine.

All our repairs come with a three month warranty and all new products come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise stated) and before the engineer arrives we will make sure you are aware of our service and repair charges.

The most common washing machine issues we deal with include:

  • My washing machine won’t drain
  • My washing machine isn’t spinning
  • My washing machine is displaying a fault code
  • My washing machine is unusually noisy
  • The drum won’t turn
  • The door won’t open
  • My washing machine bounces about during the cycle
  • The clothes smell when they come out

Repair Force can repair:

Doors • Drums • Thermostats & Timers •Pumps & Hoses • Pressure Switches •
Printed Circuit Boards •Valves •Heaters •Motors & Motor Brushes •Belts •
Bearings • and much more…

If your washing machine is faulty or you suspect it may be, call Repair Force NOW on 0207 0555 300 or book a job online.

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