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Insurance Companies

When you take out an insurance policy, be it for a valuable electrical item or to protect against faults and damages in your property, you expect a service to match your outlay.

At Repair Force, we are experienced in unravelling the complexities of insurance policies and we know that our customers who experience faults throughout the duration of their cover need a fast, proactive repair service.

Our aim is to fix faults and carry out repairs as smoothly and quickly as we can in order to minimise disruption. We have worked alongside insurance companies for many years and our staff are fully trained on processes when carrying out repairs on behalf of insurance companies.

The staff in our London-based office will always keep you informed and up to date with the progress and status of the works.


  • Every Repair Force engineer wears our corporate uniform and carries ID with them at all times
  • As repair agents on behalf of insurance companies, we act as brand representatives and our engineers have been fully trained to provide outstanding customer service
  • We offer a free job tracking system which allows customers to track the status of each repair and also provides a detailed report of the work carried out

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