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Microwave Repairs


The microwave is an often overlooked domestic appliance but when it stops working or breaks, the small kitchen jobs become difficult or impossible.

Most microwaves can be repaired on the initial visit, but on occasion, we may have to order replacement or specialist parts. Our engineers carry the most common spares (called ‘van stock’) but often parts need to be ordered. If that is the case, the parts are ordered on the same day and we will make an appointment to return and make the repairs to your microwave.

Every repair we undertake comes with a three-month warranty and we repair all makes and models of microwave oven, including freestanding microwaves, integrated microwaves and combi grill/microwave ovens.

The most common issues and faults we deal with include:

  • My microwave’s turntable doesn’t rotate
  • My microwave isn’t heating up properly
  • The light bulb has blown
  • The exhaust fan has stopped working
  • My microwave starts but stops within a few seconds
  • The door doesn’t open or close properly

Repair Force can repair:

Bulbs • Doors •Buttons • Magnetrons • Diodes • Transformers •High-voltage Fuses • Monitor Fuses • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) • Mains Leads • Fans • and much more…

If your microwave oven is faulty or you think it might be, call Repair Force NOW on 0207 0555 300 or book a job online.

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