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Dishwasher Repairs


When your dishwasher stops working, call Repair Force.

We will try to repair your dishwasher on our first visit and while we carry a lot of spare parts for most makes and models of dishwashers, there are faults that could require another visit to make our repairs.

If we need unusual or specialist parts, we order them the same day and then we will call you to arrange a time to make the repairs to your dishwasher.

All our repairs come with a three month warranty and all new products come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise stated). Rest assured that before the engineer arrives we will make you aware of all our servicing and repair charges.

We repair all makes and models of dishwashers and the most common dishwasher issues we deal with include:

  • There’s rust inside my dishwasher
  • Dirty water collects at the bottom of my dishwasher
  • My dishwasher doesn’t turn on
  • My plates and glasses come out as dirty as they went in
  • There’s salt crystals left in my dishwasher

Repair Force can repair:

Doors & Hinges • Motors & Circulating Motors • Pumps • Mains Filters • Valves • Printed Circuit Boards • Metering Tanks • Timers • Pressure Switches • and much more…

If your dishwasher is faulty, call Repair Force NOW on 0207 0555 300 or book a job online.

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